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About Rose Stoudt, LMT & BCST Practitioner in Seattle Washington
Rose Stoudt draws upon decades of experience, thousands of hours of education, and six years of studying with an Osteopathic Doctor to provide the foundation of her Seattle, Washington, manual therapy practice. Her goal: To help you achieve your goals of health and wellness.

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Rose Stoudt A Balanced Body Seattle Washington Cranial Sacral Therapy
WHAT CLIENTS SAY About Rose Stoudt Healings

"As a steady, satisfied client of Rose's for thirty years, I can honestly say she is doing the best work of her career. Through all her years of continuous training and study I have experienced her techniques. I am now 95 years young, and am grateful to have her as a resource in my life."

Mary Skalsky, Missoula

My studies include these institutions:  Body Intelligence School of Canada and England BCST, The Upledger Institute in Florida, The Neuromuscular Pain Relief Institute of Florida, Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, International Institute of Applied Health Services of Australia, The Ursa Foundation in Washington with Loren H. “Bear” Rex D.O. and The University of Montana.
Bottom Line
This non-doing approach to BCST has reduced the amount of time and money many people need to spend on manual therapies. It has helped many people in ways that other techniques could not.

Note: Rose employs the therapies with which she has had the best results. In the spirit that it may take a combination of therapies to heal, she may refer you to other clinicians in order for you to reach your goal of A Balanced Body.
Creating A Balanced Body
Since 1976, Rose has studied and practiced spiritual development which allows her to bring a profound depth of presence to her work.

After extensive study with Dr. Rex “Bear” D.O., Rose approaches and works with the body from a more interconnected osteopathic perspective. This viewpoint started emerging in 1998, when she began discovering new aspects of the cranial sacral system. She discovered realities not read about in books, learned from teachers, or during years of study of and practice with the body.

Rose began following her instincts, and after nearly two decades of practicing her craft, she has developed a non-doing approach to Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy. It is a style that few people have discovered. Like all techniques practiced over time, she says, new revelations will continue to unfold. So stay tuned for updates here!
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ABOUT ROSE STOUDT  West Seattle, Seattle, Washington  | (406) 880-8060
I have been in private practice as a Manual Therapist in Missoula since 1985, and now live and practice in West Seattle. I have well over 11,000 thousand hours of training including three years of anatomy, medical physiology, two years pathology, embryology and differential diagnosis.
My resume includes over forty manual therapy techniques, but currently I limit my practice to Biodynamic Craniaosacral Therapy (BCST) for In-Person and Distant, or Remote, sessions. Occasionally I will include Strain Counter Strain, Bowen Technique, and NeuroStructural Integration and cupping with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.
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