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Advanced BOWEN Technique
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When the body is out of balance -- whether due to pregnancy, a health condition or injury -- easy movement becomes painful. These kinds of body structure issues will reduce your mobility, which is why Rose Stoudt practices a manual bodywork therapy called the ADVANCED BOWEN TECHNIQUE.

Read more about this treatment that is often called the homeopathy of bodywork.

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With few exceptions, although there is always that case, the Advanced Bowen Technique is appropriate for people of all ages, in all degrees of health.
Bowen Technique uses subtle imputs to the body to heal with Rose
Also known as Bowtech, the Bowen Technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy. Sometimes called the homeopathy of bodywork, it utilizes subtle inputs to the body (known as moves), stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly.

Developed by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia, the technique offers tremendous benefit to clients. 
It can provide relief for many types of injuries and other health problems, both acute and chronic. Rose achieves this holistically, via the body's innate healing mechanisms. We deliver a signal to the nervous system at specific locations (on muscles, tendons, ligaments), and the body responds in its own time, within its vital capacity.
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Great for people with postural issues, hyperactive kids, and other body ailments

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