The Rose Stoudt Difference:  Transformative Healing Techniques
"I lived with pain so severe in my back and legs, at times I could hardly walk. My body hurt everywhere. After three therapy sessions with Rose very little pain remained."
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Seattle Washington is blessed to have Rose Stoudt as a therapy health resource. Clients often find her Therapy Services through word of mouth -- from a satisfied client. Sometimes they arrive with a Gift Certificate by Rose presented to them by family or friends. Is there someone in your life who needs to Experience the Rose Stoudt Difference? How about a plan for yourself?
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Finding a great gift is sometimes a challenge. Maybe your loved one, friend, or colleague doesn't need more stuff, but if they can't get about so well … sharing the opportunity of A Balanced Body solves the gift dilemma as easily as Rose Stoudt resolves pain and discomfort. Contact Rose today to acquire an unforgettable gift for those in your life who have a health condition or want to feel the hum of wellness.
You can purchase a Gift Certificate for any monetary amount. Clients can use the certificate to pay for a first session, part of one session, or a series of bodywork sessions, as you wish.

Good to Know: Gift Certificates for Ongoing Clients - Consider purchasing a one-hour session. New Clients - Deserve 90 minutes to fully describe health concerns. See rates and other useful info at Schedule a Session.
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Gift Certificate for Health Care from Rose Stoudt Cranio Sacral Therapy Seattle
Purchase A Balanced Body Gift Certificate from Rose:

CONTACT ROSE at (406) 880-8060 for payment. Gift Certificate will be mailed promptly to Purchaser's Address or to the Recipient, as directed.

SEND EMAIL to Rose to arrange purchase.
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Bio Dynamic Craniosacral Therapy Helps These Conditions:
· Morning Sickness
· Motor Vehicle Accidents
· Muscular Pain / Aches
· Neck Pain / Stiffness
Sample of Conditions Helped
by BioDynamic Craniosacral Therapy
· Nervous Disorders
· Neuralgia
· Operations Pre/Post
· Phobias
· Post Natal Depression
· Premature Birth
· Respiratory Problems
· Rib Pain / Broken
· Sciatica
· Scar Tissue
· Scoliosis.......
Rose Stoudt
Rose Stoudt
406 880-8060 Seattle, Washington
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