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Reasons to get bodywork are variable. Some Clients want pain management. Others want to feel better, have more energy, and increase balance in their body to stay well. Some use it to connect with themselves on a spiritual level. Whatever the reason, let's achieve your wellness goals.
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About Rose Stoudt Healing Therapy

“Our family was extremely fortunate to hear about Rose’s unique Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral work and spent many weekends driving out of state to meet her for sessions.  We have all benefitted (physically, emotional and mentally) from Rose’s insightful assessments, unique therapeutic skills that create real change, and her genuine care and support for each member of our family....”

T.W. & five family members ~ Sandpoint ID

Should I be freshly bathed?
Clients should be recently showered (i.e night before or morning of). We also recommend not wearing fragrances (perfume or aftershave) during your treatment. Fragrances sometimes linger in the Treatment Room for hours, which can affect the next client who may be allergic or asthmatic. Thank you.
Useful Tips
Comfort is the watchword before and during a therapy treament. Please let us know about any needs you may have, including temperature, bolstering and positioning.

What should I wear?
Sessions are conducted in a quiet private office on a plush, comfortable massage table.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) clients remain fully clothed. However, we suggest you wear comfortable clothing without belts.

With Other Treaments, clients are asked to wear a loose T-shirt & shorts.
RATES & PAYMENTS ROSE STOUDT  |  West Seattle, Seattle, Washington   | (406) 880-8060

 1/2 hour 


 1 hour 


 1.5 hours 


 2 hours 


Rates & Payment Options
All first or initial sessions include Intake and Treatment. Note: Adults need a minimum 1.5 hours for our first session and some people may require more time than that. Infants and children require less time, and my fee is based on the amount of time taken per session, with a half hour (1/2 hour) minimum.
We gladly accept Credit Cards/Debit Cards and Hard Cash.
We do not accept Checks, Insurance, Workers Compensation, or other electronic payment platforms.

Experience the Rose Stoudt Difference!

 1 hour 


 1.5 hour 


 2 hours 


All distant or remote sessions are pre-paid only by Credit/Debit Cards five (5) business days in advanceNo other payment methods or platforms are accepted. Thank you.
Rose Stoudt
Rose Stoudt
406 880-8060 Seattle, Washington
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 1/2 hour 


 1 hour 


 1.5 hours 


 2 hours 


Session Info
NEW: Short session .5 hours
Option for younger children.
Length of Session
1st session 1.5 hours
First time clients need 1.5 hours. Those who have a lot to discuss on their first visit may require two hours.

2nd session 1 hour
Most Clients have a one hour session in followup.

Longer session 1.5 hours
Option for those clients who need or want longer sessions.
Number of Sessions
  • There is no set amount of treatment sessions required.
  • One session can be profound for some people.
  • Commonly, 4-10 sessions are required.
  • Treatment plans evolve as needed.
  • Change will manifest after a session, potentially more than during your treatment.



Please note:
Pre-Approval is needed to bill Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance and Worker's Compensation. This approval is needed from the Insurance Company as well as A Balanced Body. Please call both parties to discuss prior to scheduling treatment. Thank you.