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About Rose Stoudt Healings

"Rose's expert techniques have accomplished what many other therapies have not...they helped balance and prevent unwelcome bi-polar episodes, migraine headaches and TMJ pain. Rose's healing abilities have significantly improved my life in less than six months. Rose rocks!

Christine Sheff, Missoula

Should I be freshly bathed?
Clients should be recently showered (i.e night before or morning of). We also recommend not wearing fragrances (perfume or aftershave) during your treatment. Fragrances sometimes linger in the Treatment Room for hours, which can affect the next client who may be allergic or asthmatic. Thank you.
Useful Tips
Comfort is the watchword before and during a treament. Please let us know about any needs you may have, including temperature, bolstering and positioning.

What should I wear?
Sessions are conducted in a quiet private office on a plush, comfortable massage table.

Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy (BCST) clients remain fully clothed. However, we suggest wear comfortable clothing without belts.

With Other Treaments, clients are asked to wear a loose T-shirt & shorts.
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SCHEDULE A SESSION ROSE STOUDT  |  415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite 128, Missoula, MT 59802 | (406) 880-8060
Rates & Payment Options
1 hour $90*     1.5 hour $135*    2 hour $180*
Most healing occurs as a process, and although some people can have miraculous results from the first session, this is not the normal progression for most people.
Length of each session
1st session 1.5 hours
First time clients need 1.5 hours. Those who have a lot to discuss on their first visit may require two hours.

2nd session 1 hour
Most Clients have a one hour session in followup.

Longer session 1.5 hours
Option for those clients who need or want longer sessions.
Bring forms to your appointment. Instructions on how to fill out form included in PDF file.
Your complete Medical History, Injury History, Surgery History, Hospital History is also requested at time of treatment. Also include your Psychological and Emotional History, if possible.
GET RELEASE from pain & discomfort!
We accept insurance, motor vehicle accident and worker's compensation.
Cancellation Policy
With the understanding that unanticipated events come up and clients occasionally need to cancel, we do our best to be fair to everyone.
If an appointment is canceled with at least 24 hours of advance notice, no fee is charged.

If less than 24 hours is given or there is a "no-show" you will be charged the full cost of the missed session.

Running Late:
If you arrive late, and if it is possible for the therapist to work past your scheduled appointment-time to properly finish your session, you will be charged $3/minute for that time. 

With Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy (BCST) and Bowen / Neurostructural Integration (NST), it is important that clients be treated properly, and ending sessions prematurely may cause unhealthy reactions to your systems.

Out of respect for your body's health needs, the therapist and other clients, we encourage punctuality for appointments.
Intake Forms
Because Rose treats the whole person and your entire constitution, new clients are requested to fill out a Confidential Medical Intake Form for first office visit.
Privacy, respect and confidentiality are honored in this work at all times.
We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Please note: To use a credit card, we charge $8 to cover the credit-card-service fees, which are not included in rates.

* Insurance billing involves additional administrative duties and delayed compensation; rate will be adjusted accordingly:

Sessions unpaid at time of service (must be billed) are $180 per hour.
A Balanced Body
A Balanced Body
406 880-8060 Missoula Montana
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