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A read through Rose Stoudt's testimonials is to become a believer that all-ages of people with many kinds of health conditions can find relief from pain and discomfort.

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About Rose
WHAT CLIENTS SAY About Rose Stoudt Healing Therapy

"I am a retired RN and sometimes sceptical about alternative treatments, so this was a new experience for me.
Within a couple of sessions my shoulder was feeling better and she began to address other problem areas. I was constantly impressed at how Rose sensed discomfort or tension deep in the tissue and was able to release it, mostly it seemed through a transfer of energy, rather than massage or manipulation.
The positive changes in my shoulder have lasted a couple of years now and I would love to have Others benefit from her amazing bodywork."

J.S. ~ Missoula MT
“Our family was extremely fortunate to hear about Rose’s unique Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral work and spent many weekends driving out of state to meet her for sessions.  We have all benefitted (physically, emotional and mentally) from Rose’s insightful assessments, unique therapeutic skills that create real change, and her genuine care and support for each member of our family.  How wonderful that Sandpoint families now have the opportunity to experience this mind-body work in our own hometown on special calendar dates.”

T.W. & five family members ~ Sandpoint ID
In late March 2018, I took our 11.5-month-old son for a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral session with Rose. He was still not sitting independently and was dragging his right leg when scooting. He was also a tiny boy. I was concerned about his development.

The first session was very strong for my son and shifted something powerfully within him. In a very short time (approximately one month), he became a competent sitter and progressed to a healthy bilateral cross-crawl. Additionally, we instantly saw him become much more joyful and playful and a more dynamic participant in our family and home life. He also became much more interested in food (resulting in a noticeable increase in weight, which was beneficial). For our child, the overall health benefits from this session appear to be deep and far reaching.

We took him back for a second visit soon after the first, which supported his continued development. As he approaches 2.5 years of age, he runs, jumps, and climbs and descends stairs independently. He was potty trained soon after his second birthday and is a very effective verbal communicator. We see no signs of developmental delays and attribute this to his sessions with Rose when he was young. We hold a place of deep gratitude in our hearts for Rose’s healing work.

Rose is a grounded, passionate, and knowledgeable practitioner, and we highly recommend her work. If one has any questions about our experience, I am happy to share that with you.

Gratefully submitted,
Carron Mulligan
Sandpoint [ID] Waldorf School Parent
SWS First Grade Teacher

Note from Rose:   This is an unsolicited testimonial offered to me by Carron.  The changes in her son were profoundly dramatic. When I saw him for the first time, he  was unable to engage much with anyone, and was very under weight for his age.
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TESTIMONIALS ROSE STOUDT  |  West Seattle, Seattle, Washington  | (406) 880-8060
"As a steady, satisfied client of Rose's for thirty years, I can honestly say she is doing the best work of her career. Through all her years of continuous training and study I have experienced her techniques. I am now 95 years young, and am grateful to have her as a resource in my life."

Mary Skalsky
~ Missoula MT
"Rose's expert techniques have accomplished what many other therapies have not...they helped balance and prevent unwelcome bi-polar episodes, migraine headaches and TMJ pain. Rose's healing abilities have significantly improved my life in less than six months. Rose rocks!

Christine Sheff
~ Missoula MT
"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, arthritis in my spine, and three of my lumbar discs bulged with tears. I lived with pain so severe in my back and legs, at times I could hardly walk. My body hurt everywhere. After three sessions with Rose very little pain remained. After a few sessions I am doing great and take no pain medications. Rose's work goes deep. It got to the core of my problems."

B.W. ~ Missoula MT
"Rose is a gifted and humble healer. When she lays her hands on, I feel connected to divine energy, and know I'm completely safe. She has become an irreplaceable part of my journey toward continued health and wellness, and I recommend her highly to anyone who may benefit from her powerful work."

Sadie Taylor, LMT ~ Missoula MT
Rose Stoudt
Rose Stoudt
406 880-8060 Seattle, Washington
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