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BioSomatics brings pain relief to motivated people at home. The movements are done gently, slowly and rhythmically. Sometimes the slightest micro-movement can begin to release pain and tension in your body.
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BIOSOMATICS:  Movement Reeducation
The Body Wants Balance
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Posture & Movement
In her Seattle, Washington, manual therapy practice, Rose Stoudt uses a non-strenuous movement-reeducation technique called BioSomatics. Built on the idea that movement is medicine, and that the body can self-correct, this approach relies on slow, gentle, rhythmic, even micro movements to relieve chronic pain and restore efficient function. You can learn these techniques, saving you money while your body regains optimum balance.

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BioSomatics with Carol Welch
"Somatic movements make the brain more intelligent in sensing and controlling the muscles. It is the inner change in muscle function that makes this possible."

- Carol Welch
Biosomatics is the branchild of Carol Welch & taught by Rose Seattle WA
BioSomatics is the brainchild of Carol Welch, who built her movement-reeducation program on the work of two pioneers. First is Israeli physicist and engineer Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), who wanted to resolve his chronic knee pain and ended up creating a healing approach called Awareness Through Movement. Next is an American philosopher and teacher Thomas Hanna (1928-1990), who noticed "postural difficulties" improved when patients regained "control of muscles that were holding them in these postures and restricting their movements."
Carol Welch used her study of body movement, yoga and dance to create BioSomatics.
BioSomatics & You
Carol Welch has been "devoted to developmental movement," according to her biography, since 1979. She was one of 35 students who studied Hanna Somatic Education® with Hanna himself. She was a student in his first and only class when he passed away. Today, she teaches BioSomatics Education in Colorado, and you can watch her videos on this neuromuscular retraining principle. DVDs are available on her website:
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You can also schedule an appointment to learn how to correctly perform these incredibly gentle but effective body and brain retraining movements in her downtown Missoula office

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NEUROMUSCULAR Retraining Therapy
Healthy young bodies are flexible and free from holding patterns* in their soft tissue -- muscles, tendons and fascia -- that cause pain in adults. BioSomatics is a body movement technique built on the idea that people develop a kind of body amnesia. We forget how groups of muscles "work" together. Balance relies on body awareness and gentle somatic movement that can help us regain fluidity. We can release chronic muscular tension and have more efficiently functioning bodies.
Founder of America's Somatic Education Thomas Hanna
Founder of America's Somatic Education, Thomas Hanna was a teacher compelled to share "how our somas are self-healing and self-regulating."
Soma means body. BioSomatics is a learning process of non-strenuous movements designed to expand our options in releasing chronic muscular tension and restoring efficiency in physical functioning.
What Is BioSomatics?
"Soma -
the body perceived from within."

- Thomas Hanna
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